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Super Jet Fuel Services is an independent trader of various oil and petroleum products - among a few with a global presence and comprehensive product coverage handling bulk amounts per month. We have extensive logistical and storage capability in the U.A.E.

Oil StorageOn land & Off land

Super Jet Fuel Services stores petroleum products on land and in other industry standard storage facilities. We conduct due diligence to ensure the storage facilities we select meet international best practice.

Oil ShippingLogistics

Our petroleum shipping policy ensures we use only modern, reliable transport means to meet our clients demands throughout the year. All transport vehicles & vessels must be certificated.


Our delivery policy ensures that we use only modern, reliable transport vessels.


We conduct due diligence to ensure storage facilities we use meet international best practice.


All in-bound fuel transfers are subject to rigorous testing by independent inspectors.


We deliver petroleum products that meet specifications agreed with our customers.


We address safety controls and practice good operating practices at all times.

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Super Jet Fuel Services business model relies on being able to deliver certified oil and petroleum products consistently, safely and responsibly. If we were to supply off-specification products we might suffer financial penalties or find them rejected by customers.
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We’re at the heart of global supply, responsibly connecting vital resources to power and build the world, deploying infrastructure, logistics and financing to connect producers and consumers, bringing greater transparency and trust to manage complex supply chains.

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We always deliver on time

Our business model relies heavily on being able to deliver oil and petroleum products consistently, safely and responsibly.
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In Brief

Super Jet Fuel Services L.L.C connects the dots, brings people together, ingenuity & resourcefulness, and a vision of shared value and prosperity, to deliver oil & petroleum products that help build successful businesses and communities.

We peg our success metrics and key performance indicators to the needs of its customers across board such that everyone succeeds. With more than just transporting energy products from areas of excess supply to where the need is, our operations play an essential role in fulfilling the promise of energy and opportunity for all.

Our Vision & Mission

Super Jet Fuel Services L.L.C connects the dots, brings people together, ingenuity and resourcefulness, and a vision of shared value and prosperity, to deliver energy products that help build successful businesses and communities.

Everyone on our team, is challenged to consider the downstream effects of their work products and decisions. Speed matters in every business; hence we have a bias for action, but we assess results from time to time and, as such, believe in measuring twice and cutting once for those big decisions that impact multiple stakeholders.


We manage a diverse portfolio of energy products and services safely, efficiently, and responsibly all over our business networks.

A regional oil products leader
With a reliable network of partners
We pride ourselves in what we do
Our growth % speaks volumes

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We make oil trade happen. And we make it our mission to do that responsibly. We deploy infrastructure, skills and our vast experience to move physical commodities from places they are plentiful to where they are most needed.


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    What they say about usBuilding trust takes
    a leap of faithTrust

    Super Jet Fuel Services L.L.C. has earned trust in the world’s energy markets by operating with integrity and efficiency to bridge the divide between producers and consumers.
    A worthy partner

    When we became partners with Super Jet Fuel Services L.L.C, we have not looked back or even had 2nd thoughts about our oil products demands or deliverable assurance. Their team has walked the distance with us at all times and all requests always fulfilled on time.


    Badr Ali Musa
    Top Oil Distributor in UAE

    Exceptional Team

    The team at SJF is one of excellent professionals who understand the oil & gas sector like it is supposed to be.Their style of conducting business is one in a million in the sector with very hard working and well informed professionals.


    Abdallah Karim
    Abu Mansur Energies, Middle East